Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Sols... Part 1

After having a fabulously dirty weekend in a BIG city on the BIG island, the huMAN and I jumped a plane on Monday to fly to The Solomon Islands, a group of islands north of the rock I call home.

The Sols are a group of 990 islands in the South Pacific, east of Papua New Guinea. They are also home to the largest  lagoon in the world, or so I'm  told.

After arriving in the Capital, Honiara, we made a quick trip to the domestic airport and jumped a teeny weeny (although there are smaller) plane and flew northwest to Gizo, the major town in the Western province of the Sols.
Da plane! Da plane!

After doing an island hop, and landing at Seghe and Munda airports first, we finally arrived at the airstrip close to Gizo and caught the hotel ferry across to the town of Gizo.
Da Airstrip!

Da Ferry (With Gizo in the background)
We arrived at the Gizo Hotel where the huMAN and I were promptly (and to our hilarity) checked into a room with twin singles instead of a "married bed"!!! We decided we'd make do and ended up pushing the beds together!
Da Hotel
(Ok the whole Tattoo / Fantasy Island thing is wearing thin now)
The hotel is basic but has a lovely pool area and a beautiful bar / restaurant with elaborately carved pillars and hard wood tables, and mother of pearl inlay around the bar, benchtops and stair handrails!

My internet time here is running out so I will have to post more tomorrow!


kenju said...

It looks small, but wonderfully exotic!! I hope you're having a good time!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I've never heard of this Island...It us amazing how very man places I have never heard of....How great that you are Island Hopping and seeing all this fantastic beauty--close-up!

Carmi said...

I so enjoy seeing the world through your eyes. What a neat adventure!

Anonymous said...

This is where I spent my childhood!! I lived in Munda.

Anonymous said...

We used to go to Gizo when we needed to do a big shop. Usually in a small boat with an outboard motor.

Aunt Juicebox said...

Loving all the pics! It looks wonderful!