Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Ok, so, tomorrow I get to leave on a well earned holiday to a bigger island with the huMAN!

This means:
  • a plane trip (actually 4 of them).
  • a week away from the small town.
  • a week away from the ex-husband.
  • shopping.
  • eating food that isn't available here in the small town (mmmmm fresh milk...).
  • sightseeing and other fun activities.
  • new magazines.
  • a trip to see the mothership (my mother).
  • sleeping in. AND
  • lots of time with the huMAN.
WOOHOO!!!! Yay for me!!!

On the down side, that sniffly, fluey thing I mentioned yesterday, seems to be travelling southward and has settled on my chest.
Boo to hacking night time cough, wheezing, and general crappiness. :o(

Please planes, don't make it worse so that I can enjoy my lovely and exciting tri in relatively good health. AMEN!

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