Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday already??!!

Gosh time flies! I have entirely lost track of this week!!

I spent much of this week sitting in on a court case to support of a friend of mine. 3 days of sitting through evidence seems, at the time, to drag it heels but all of a sudden I have reached the end of the week and realised that there are a million things I coulda, shoulda, and woulda done.
Fingers crossed the outcome on the trial will be favourable, however it may take a while for the judgement to be handed down.

Other highlights of this week have been:
  • Blisters on my feet from my new shoes.
  • Bumping into my ex-husbands parents in the local supermarket and being summonsed for "a talk", during which they tried to convince me to return to my ex and "try again".
  • And, having friends over for dinner, cooking my meat sauce and my bechamel sauce for my lasagne and then finding, an hour before guests were supposed to arrive, that the lasagne sheets I had in the cupboard were filled with weevils.
  • THEN, after obtaining new lasagne sheets from a kind guest who stopped off at the supermarket, layering my beautiful lasagne perfectly in my brand new pyrex dish and going to put it into the oven, only to find the dish is too big to fit inside!!!
I have earned my vodka and my dirty weekend away with the huMAN this week!

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Juniper said...

Oh wow, you certainly earned your vodka! LOL. AND the dirty weekend for sure. Don't forget to ask him to massage your sore feet ;-)