Friday, October 15, 2010

Hiding out.

Today is one of my least favourite days of the week... cruise ship day. :o(

The day when a huge boat pulls itself into the town harbour and spews up to 2000 people out of it's bowels and onto our shores. These people, many of whom are obese, ignorant, loud mouthed, Coke-guzzling bogans, then trawl through my town, blocking up the streets, taking my usual coffee table, being rude to the locals, quibbling over prices, and generally making nuiscances of themselves.

Given the state of the economy and the fact that the global financial crisis is only just starting to take it's toll here on my little rock, I'm not really in a position to try and run these people out of town while angrily shaking my fist at them and demanding that they never come back! So instead I hide out at home, desperately trying to ignore the fact that town is being overrun.

When I hear the TOOT TOOT of the ship's horn at 5pm, I'll know it's safe to leave the safety of my little apartment and head to the pub to survey the days damage and comiserate with other cruise ship intolerant locals who are glad to see the wide arse of the ship, carrying its not so precious cargo of drongos, pull out of the harbour and sail off into the distance...

Then next week we'll get to do it all again!


Juniper said...

Haha, my parents are just returning from a month's cruise through the Med and Black Sea - but be assured they are NONE of the things that you described ;-)

My town is very popular with tourists in the summer so I can empathise a bit with you!


Carmi said...

This is why I have no interest in taking a cruise. The thought of being surrounded by thousands of ignorant, fat, Coke-swilling noobs makes me somewhat ill. You so nailed it...and I so love how you view your unique slice of the world.