Monday, September 6, 2010

Spring has sprung...

Unfortunately, so have my migranes.

I suffer from seasonal migranes which affect me quite severely, particularly in April (Autumn) and September (Spring). I've had them investigated and been tested for triggers etc, but the only thing it keeps coming back to is the change of the seasons and light triggers.

So over the past few days, while everyone else has been outside enjoying the glorious first weekend of spring, I've been inside, popping pain killers and wanting to shoot myself to stop the pain that has been chiselling away at my brow bone above and behind my right eye... Certainly not the most fun one can have with ones clothes on!

This was one of the worst I've had for a while and it got so bad that I took an extra dose of my migrane medication, which maybe I shouldn't have done, because an hour or so later I had a numb arm and a numb tongue!

At least this one, while nasty, wasn't a patch on the Great Four Day Migrane of Easter 2009... Four pain and spew filled days that only came to an end when the Doctor visited my house and stuck medication filled needles in my butt, leaving me drugged for 24 hours.

The worst thing about the migranes is that not only have I lost a beautiful, sunfilled day to being in pain, I lose another one or two days to my post-migrane hangover, which sees my headfilled with fog and my functioning capacity reduced to almost zero.

My weekend was stolen by my migrane... :o(

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