Friday, August 27, 2010

Life is beautiful

The seed for this post was planted by Carmi after he posted about his son's flip flops (or thongs).

My life has been the scene of much turmoil and upheaval in recent months.

But out of all the scandal, stress, shit slinging and depression, I have come to a realisation.

It's not a very original realisation. Many people have had it before me, and, hopefully, many more people will have it in times to come.

The realisation?

Life is beautiful!

Life is about happiness. You can't lose yourself in someone else's happiness. It is important to do things that make you feel good (obviously not to the detriment of others).
Go to the beach. Spend time with friends. Sing. Eat. Laugh. Love. Live...

We all, especially in our younger years, get so fixated on growing up. Being a grown up. Acting like an adult.

I have come to the conclusion that it's time to grow back down! Stop taking things too seriously! And look for the beauty in those little moments!

LIVE your life and have FUN, and be a better human being for it!

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utenzi said...

Usted tiene tan razón. Admiro su espíritu.