Monday, August 30, 2010

Lazy weekend = BLISS!!

I'm am currently recovering from one of the laziest weekends in the history of the world.

A weekend of "camping" on the living room floor, watching DVD's, laughing crazily at stupid things, eating fresh tuna sashimi, party pies and icy poles, snuggles, chatting, and hanging out with one of the most awesome people I know!

It was pure, unadulterated heaven!!

I went out for my usual weekend paddle boarding session early Saturday morning, which was super hard work given the wind, and subsequent swell and chop factor in the harbour. Paddling in those conditions for 90 minutes, made my arms and abs ache, thereby justifying spending the rest of the weekend in bed away from the rest of the world!

But unfortunately, we can't stop time and hold on to moments. As King Solomon said, "This too shall pass", and once again I find myself facing another Monday morning back at work...

On the plus side, this too shall pass.

Weekend, I love you. Please come back!!!

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kenju said...

Lazy weekends happen too far between down here! Hope you get to have more of them.