Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just don't go licking coins and we'll get along fine...

WARNING: Possibly not the best post to read if you are eating, or if you are of a delicate nature. ;o)

I went for dinner last night with some friends.
Lovely friends.
Friends that have been very good to me during the troubled times of the last few months.

Fresh Yellow Fin Tuna is back in town, so we had an excellent meal of fresh sashimi, followed by BBQ'ed tuna steaks, chips and a beautiful salad.
Mrs T always cooks such lovely meals. Mr T is rough as guts and could talk the hinge off a rusty gate.
Their company is always great, and the view from their deck over the harbour is amazing!

I went with the huMAN, my latest gentleman friend, who is also a friend of theirs, and we spent a civilised evening eating and chatting.

Well, it was civilised until the topic of Papua New Guinea came up.

Mr and Mrs T lived in PNG for many years, saw many things and heard many stories. The huMAN has travelled to PNG occasionally for work.

PNG is a beautiful country that is heavily affected by a "rascal" element which threatens businesses, homes and lives. Health care is poor. STD's are prevalent. And people hide money in their underpants so that it can't be stolen from them on the bus or on the street by the rascals.

It was this point that was the jumping off point for the conversation that brought us undone.

Mr T told us a rather sad story about the wife of a friend of his who ran a store. She had lost the sight in one of her eyes after unknowingly handling underpant money then touching her face, thereby spreading an STD (most likely to be gonorrhoea) into her eye.

The huMAN piped up that he'd "better stop licking coins when he goes over there then"...



Goodbye civility!

Hello hilarity!

What am I getting myself in for? :oD


kenju said...

EW! What possible reason could he have for that? Ot was he teasing?

Scarlet said...

I'm pretty sure he was teasing Kenju. ;o)
It was a complete conversation stopper of a statement though!! Certainly made jaws drop!